Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin? 

Bitcoin is a piece of digital property built on an open-source software blockchain called the Bitcoin Network. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin ever created making it the greatest form of Sound Money to date. 

Are you guys Bitcoin billionaires? 

Not yet. I doubt we’d spend our time in the evening or on the weekends building an online crypto community if we were Bitcoin billionaires. However, you can help change that by checking out our merch store and supporting our mission. 

How is Bitcoin for Christians? 

God asks us to be excellent stewards of the resources, talents, and money he’s given us. This means saving our money and giving to others generously. Inflation is stealing the wealth of Christians around the world. Bitcoin is a savings technology that empowers Christians to preserve their wealth in an asset that cannot be inflated. 

How did the Crypto Christian start? 

The Crypto Christian started in my parents’ living room after teaching my father about Bitcoin and helping him make his first investment into digital assets. My father, a pastor of church in rural Minnesota, made me realize there are millions of “Crypto-Curious” Christians who want to learn and invest in crypto. 

Will I get rich overnight if I do everything the Crypto Christian tells me? 

Probably not. Our community, emails, website, book, or any of our content do not constitute financial advice, and we recommend you seek professional advice when considering investing in digital assets… However, we do believe obeying God’s commands when it comes to money and embracing Bitcoin as a savings technology will lead to positive outcomes.  

Are you guys into “Prosperity Gospel” or employed by Joel Olstein? 

No. While God has created a world of total abundance for us, we do not subscribe to the flawed vision of the “Prosperity Gospel”. 

Where can I learn more about Bitcoin mining? 

Check out our Bitcoin mining page here. Bitcoin mining is a critical component of any crypto investor’s portfolio. Fortunately, we’ve spent the hours of research and the tens of thousands of dollars to learn how it’s done best. Click here to learn more about Bitcoin mining and receive a discount on Bitcoin mining equipment. 

How do I get started? 

The first step is simply to do your research. Learn about Bitcoin, crypto, read our award-winning website content (according to us), and consult a financial advisor. Once you’ve done your research, find an exchange or service on which to buy Bitcoin. If you would like a referral code, you can email and we’ll send you one so you can earn $10 of Bitcoin at no cost. 

Any other questions? 

Shoot us an email at and we’d be happy to answer them.