Inflation Is Making You Fat: How The Fed Manipulates The American Diet

There is an ugly reason why the American diet is increasing childhood obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and outright healthcare crisis. 

Believe it or not... the answer may lie with inflation. 

Since the United States left the Gold Standard in 1971 (thanks a lot, Nixon), the value of the U.S. Dollar has dramatically fallen. This has caused the prices of consumer goods, including food, to increase. 

So what do governments do when they are facing inflation? 

Cut spending?

Adopt a balanced budget?

Return to the principles of Sound Money? 

No, they attempt to conceal the impacts of inflation by manipulating statistics or domestic policies to hide their mistakes. 

In the case of food inflation, the federal government has pushed a highly processed and grain-heavy diet that's created a healthcare crisis that no other country is dealing with. 

This means creating farming policies encouraging the production of corn, soy, seed oils, and sugar. 

By subsidizing the production and consumption of these foods, the federal government is able to conceal food inflation by pushing an unhealthy diet into grocery stores. 

Here is a photo of the USDA's "Food Pyramid" pushed in all public schools from 1992 to 2005 (they've since updated it to increase vegetable consumption but have kept protein intake low): 


Yes... the USDA recommended children consume 6-11 servings of grain a day. 

Inflation, along with ill-advised policies from the USDA and the Farmers' Bill, has boxed farmers into producing more corn, grains, and seed oils that are cheap to produce... but are not healthy for us. 

As a result, companies have developed methods to cheap ingredients into nearly all of our food in order to remain competitive. Here is a graphic from PEW Research showing how the American diet has changed since the 1970s: 


As you can see, corn products have EXPLODED in "popularity".Inflation is forcing an unhealthy diet upon Americans and it increases childhood obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

So what are we supposed to do? 

God calls our bodies temples (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). Our health is a gift from God and we should do our best to honor Christ by engaging in healthy living. 

Given the cost of inflation, everyone's lifestyle, travel, etc... this isn't easy. 

Texas Slim (what a great name) recently appeared on Anthony Pompliano's podcast with some good tips:


Some of the big takeaways from the video: 

  • When shopping in a grocery store, stick to the outside edges... all the cheap unhealthy food is down the aisles. 
  • Stick to meats, veggies, fruits, etc. 
  • Eliminate "options"... eating out, grabbing fast food, etc. 
  • Read labels to identify unhealthy ingredients. 
  • Pay extra for grass-fed beef and organic food. 

Inflation is an ugly tax that affects every facet of our lives. Don't let it impact your diet and health!