UFC Athletes Are Getting Paid In Bitcoin

Luana Pinheiro is officially the first female UFC fighter taking her paycheck in Bitcoin. 

Naturally, the media and social media trolls began harassing her about volatility, the risks associated with BTC, etc. 

Her response is an excellent reminder of why so many countries outside of the G10 nations are embracing Bitcoin first: 

“And don’t forget that I am from Brazil, so I know a thing or two about inflation and its effects,” said Pinheiro. “I was born around 1994, at that time Brazilian currency Real was introduced and pegged 1:1 to the U.S. dollar at that time. Now it is 5 BRL for 1 USD. What do we use Bitcoin again for?!” - Luana Pinheiro (source). 

Luana Pinheiro is not the first UFC fighter to accept Bitcoin as compensation. 

Fighters such as Francis Ngannou, Matheus Nicolau, and several others are accepting Bitcoin in their paychecks. 

In fact, professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, and UFC are quickly catching on to Bitcoin's value prop and adopting the asset as their source of income: 


While no single athlete will change the direction of our financial system, popular figures in the media do have an impact on mainstream adoption. 

The market is quickly developing services, such as Bitwage, to help employers offer their staff Bitcoin in their paychecks. 

Soon, millions of Americans could have the ability to allocate a percentage of their paycheck to be paid in Bitcoin.