Bitcoin Is A Savings Technology for Christians

God's word and man's sin have created a scenario where Christians are being punished for obeying God's commands. 

Scripture tells us to save our funds (Proverbs 21:20, Genesis 41: 34-36). 

Inflation steals our wealth by eroding the value of our savings. 

So what are Christians supposed to do? 

God's words of wisdom on financial matters make a lot of sense even if you aren't a Christian. Saving money for rainy day, avoiding consumer debt, and spending wisely are all things most people are inclined to agree with. 

The problem is mankind.

Surprise! Our sinful nature has corrupted money. 

The Federal Reserve is "printing" trillions of dollars into existence and diluting the value of the U.S. Dollar. In fact, it's estimated that 80% of all U.S. Dollars have been created since January of 2020 (source).

This is bad news for Christians who are obeying God's word and are watching the purchasing power of their savings wither away. The official inflation numbers we've been given by the government put us at 8.5% in April of 2022. 

This means your savings can buy 8.5% less than they could last year. 

Inflation is a nightmare for the poor, middle class, and elderly.

Seniors who are unable to work anymore have no choice but to watch their working years be erased by inflation.

The poor and middle class have to work longer hours, find second jobs, and make difficult choices. Expenses such as gas, groceries, housing, education, coffee, and nearly every commodity are rising and impacting the working class. 

Your offering at Church or donation to a non-profit organization has 8.5% less impact than it did last year. 

So this sucks. 

How are we supposed to honor and obey God's word when we are punished by mankind's sinful nature? 

Christians ought to embrace Bitcoin as Sound Money and a savings technology. 

Unlike U.S. Dollars, Bitcoin has a finite supply. No individual, organization, or government will ever be able to "print" more Bitcoin into existence. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin created into existence. 

This makes Bitcoin the most scarce piece of property in the world. As more investors, institutions, and governments adopt Bitcoin the price of this digital asset is expected to rise dramatically. 

Christians can effectively save their economic energy, time, and value in Bitcoin, unlike cash. 

Bitcoin is a fully transparent and honest form of money. God wishes for us to use proper "weights and measurements" when engaging in business with each other (Proverbs 20:10). The transparent nature of the blockchain allows us to see all the activity on an open network. 

The Federal Reserve, on the other hand, has never once been audited by a third party in an open environment. 

God's word is flawless and God-breathed. 

It's mankind that messes things up. 

Blockchain technology is empowering Christians to better abide by God's word and not be punished by man's greed.

Christians can use Bitcoin as a savings technology and even grow their wealth.