The Ultimate Bitcoin VS Gold Debate

Bitcoiners and Goldbugs have a lot in common. Each widely understands the principles of Sound Money, is concerned about inflation, and wishes to store and preserve wealth. 

Surprise! The Crypto Christian prefers Bitcoin. 

However, we're certainly not anti-gold by any means. 

Here is the ultimate debate of Bitcoin VS Gold with Michael Saylor (CEO of Microstrategies and Bitcoin advocate) and Frank Giustra (Gold mining financier and gold advocate).  

In our opinion, this is the single greatest debate held on this topic by credible experts. We highly encourage you to watch and learn: 


Don't have two hours to watch? 


The debate is rich with information and you will learn a lot by taking the time to watch it. 

However, we'll play nice and provide a short summary. 

Here are some of the highlights of the debate: 

  • Saylor advocates for Bitcoin as the ultimate store of value and form of Sound Money. Most gold has been confiscated by governments in the past century and we can always increase the supply of gold by mining or issuing fake, "paper gold". 
  • Giustra advocates for Gold as the ultimate store of value and the asset both investors and governments run to when there is trouble. 
  • Saylor makes the case for Bitcoin as an asset that cannot be confiscated or inflated by any government, organization, or individual. 
  • Giustra calls out Saylor and others for pushing insane price predictions and pretending as if there is no risk. 
  • Saylor makes the case for Bitcoin as one of the most portable and fungible assets in the world. Bitcoin can travel through space and time instantly. Gold cannot. 
  • Giustra criticizes Bitcoin for lacking tangible value and argues gold has real-world value for industrial, commercial, and retail purposes. 

Bitcoiners like Michael Saylor believe Bitcoin will demonetize gold over time. The price of gold is certainly falling behind due to investors, who normally buy gold as a hedge against inflation or as a method of preserving wealth, buying Bitcoin and other cryptos instead. 

Bitcoin certainly won't be demonetizing gold tomorrow. But the trend toward Bitcoin adoption is accelerating and the demand for gold may fall.