Is Bitcoin Only Used By Criminals?

The media loves to paint Bitcoin as the currency of choice for petty criminals, street gangs, and mob bosses. But is that true?

Christians are right to be concerned if criminals have found some kind of secret method to avoid detection.

However, much of this is simply fear-mongering.

The media and so-called financial experts want you to believe the world is ending. The New York Times even publishes articles titled, "Bitcoin Has Lost Steam. But Criminals Still Love It" in an attempt to discredit the crypto industry (source). 

But less than 1% of Bitcoin's usage is used by criminals. In fact, it's estimated that it's less than 0.35% (source). The U.N. estimates 2-5% of global GDP is used for criminal activity... Meaning Bitcoin makes up a tiny fraction of criminal activity. 

Bitcoin is a public ledger that records everything. Criminals don't want to publish their activities to the world.

Christians are right to be concerned about criminal activity... however, we should also be skeptical of the false media narrative and evaluate the facts.

Like everything God has created, anything can be used for good or evil. Bitcoin is a positive development for the world.