Ray Dalio Makes A Bold Bitcoin Prediction

Ray Dalio, Founder of Bridgewater Associates, is making a bold prediction that could shake up the global financial system. 

Historically, Ray Dalio has expressed a great deal of skepticism towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Dalio is one of the world's greatest hedge fund investors and his opinions matter a great deal to Wall Street, financial institutions,  investors, and even governments. 

Which makes his evolving opinion of Bitcoin a big deal. 

Ray Dalio has conceded that Bitcoin has proven itself as a store of value and even approved of allocating 1-2% of your portfolio to BTC (source).

While the Crypto Christian is far more bullish on Bitcoin than Dalio, he should be commended for changing his mind when presented with evidence. Not many are capable of identifying when they are wrong and changing their mind so publicly. 

Now, Ray Dalio is predicting a global competition for what monies.

"I think we're entering an era, where there's going to be a competition of monies. Because of the printing of fiat money and the depreciated value. There will be a competition of monies. And Bitcoin is a part of that competition. But there will be many monies. Not just crypto money. But there will be central bank crypto monies."  - Ray Dalio

You can listen to Ray Dalio's full statement on the Lex Friedman podcast below:


While this statement sounds fairly nonchalant, the implications are colossal. Dalio is a student of monetary history and debt cycles. In his new book, "The Changing World Order", he makes his case as to why believes the United States's influence and power in the world are on the decline. 

Part of his thesis includes the U.S. Dollar losing its status as the world's reserve currency. Dalio's statement on the Lex Freidman's podcast reveals that he believes fiat currencies are failing and we are approaching a dramatic shift in what we consider money and a store of value. 

Dalio joins the growing ranks of billionaires and institutional investors who are beginning to understand Bitcoin's value proposition and are embracing it.

In fact, his firm is officially backing a crypto fund for the first time in it's history (source).

Christians can have greater confidence in this asset class knowing giants like Ray Dalio are embracing Bitcoin.