Meet The Enemies of Bitcoin

Bitcoin and the blockchain are 100% peaceful technologies, without political affiliations, or even allegiance to a nation-state. 

This means that Bitcoin should have no natural enemies.

However, politicians, central bankers, and giant corporations still keep choosing to pick fights and make enemies out of Bitcoin and Bitcoin adopters.

Both current and former Federal Reserve Chairs have made anti-Bitcoin statements ranging from "it's only used for crime!" to "this technology is useless, it doesn't create any value or do anything" and "Bitcoin is a national security threat"... 

Funny how it can be both a useless technology and at the same time a grave threat to U.S. national security. 

Let's break down who the enemies of Bitcoin are...

Central Bankers: 

No surprise here. Those in charge of Fiat Monetary systems and printing trillions of dollars into existence without creating any value despise Bitcoin, Sound Money, and other cryptos. 

This week, a slew of central bankers came out swinging against Bitcoin.

Including India...

The European Central Bank...


And the Bank of England...


So Bitcoin and central banks aren't the best of friends... Will that always be the case

Maybe not.

El Salvador recently hosted central bankers and public officials from 44 different countries at an event to learn about how Bitcoin works and how the country has adopted it as legal tender. 

For now, the relationship remains contentious. While most central banks are trying to make Bitcoin irrelevant, it would be wiser for these leaders to learn about the new technology and find ways to plug it into their economies. 

The International Monetary Fund (IMF):

The IMF hates Bitcoin and is actively trying to punish countries who integrate it into their nation's economies. 

While a handful of central banks are slowly learning about the power of Bitcoin and may even adopt it someday... It's unlikely the IMF will ever make an effort to do this. 

Here is how the IMF chooses to define itself on its website:

The IMF is an organization of 190 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.

In reality, the IMF is largely in charge of maintaining U.S. Dollar dominance across the globe, saddling developing countries with debts they can't possibly repay, and playing international chess on behalf of the United States and G10 members. 

As an example, the IMF recently bailed out Argentina's government. But as a contingency of the bailout, the IMF required Argentina's banks NEVER offer crypto services in the country (source).

This effectively bans Argentina from integrating Bitcoin or crypto into their economy. 

Argentina's government sold their citizens down the river by agreeing to this disgusting deal from the IMF.

The IMF is an outright hostile organization to Bitcoin, Sound Money, and Crypto. In fact, they've already begun warning the Central African Republic against making Bitcoin legal tender. 

While the IMF may be one of Bitcoin's greatest foes in terms of international adoption, there are greater threats here at home. 

Let's meet Bitcoin's next biggest enemy: 

Uneducated Politicians: 

Politicians in the United States have a tremendous gap in knowledge when it comes to Bitcoin and Crypto. Many falsely believe it's only used for crime, it's destroying the Earth, or it's a way to avoid taxes. 

All false. 

Bitcoin is not political by any means. 

There are reasons for both Republicans and Democrats to love Bitcoin... But lines are being drawn and it could become unnecessarily partisan. 

Politicians like Senator Elizabeth Warren are excellent examples. You can watch her horrific display of ignorance and arrogance in the Senate below: 


She refuses to listen to the person she is interviewing and is instead interested in pushing her agenda. 

Had she listened, she would learn that Bitcoin operates on a public ledger, called the blockchain, and therefore Russian Oligarchs can be tracked easily. 

We must continue educating politicians on the benefits of Bitcoin... otherwise, people like Elizabeth Warren will call the shots. 

Fortunately, Bitcoin has many more allies and advocates than enemies. 

Central banks, the IMF, and uneducated politicians have not and will not be able to stop Bitcoin's adoption.