WATCH: This Man Lost $4 Billion Investing In Bitcoin

Imagine losing $4 Billion in a single year... and being pretty chill about it.

Seems impossible. 

Well, Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy, has lost roughly $4 billion investing in Bitcoin and is unfazed with the development. He should either be admired or for his courage in the face of fear... or someone should check on him to make sure he is still a sane human being. 

Watch Michael Saylor discuss losing $4 Billion, what he believes the future of Bitcoin is, and what his plans are during this recession: 

*We've copied some of the highlights below in case you're unable to watch.*


Here are the big highlights in his segment on CNBC: 

"If your time horizon is one month, Bitcoin looks like a volatile risk asset, but if your time horizon is 10 years it looks like a risk-off store of value asset."

"So the cross over point is four years. No one has ever lost money investing in Bitcoin over four years."

"Bitcoin is backed by the most powerful, secure, computer network in the world. If I gave you $100 billion dollars you can't reproduce it. It's beyond a nationstate or corporate attack."

Saylor also repeatedly told the CNBC host that this was an amazing buying opportunity. 

Bold words from someone who lost $4 Billion recently!

While the Crypto Christian isn't an advocate of using debt to acquire more Bitcoin, we agree with Michael Saylor's assessment. 

The truth is, Bitcoin must be considered a long-term asset. If your plan is to hold onto BTC for a few months and sell... You're going to be in trouble. No one has lost money investing in Bitcoin if you've held it for more than four years

You can read more about Bitcoin's volatility and how Christians can manage the ups and down here.

The recession nor the drop in price have changed the value prop of Bitcoin as Sound Money