New York Bans Bitcoin Mining... What Does This Mean For Bitcoin?

So you may have heard that New York State is banning Bitcoin mining.

Here's what some of our favorite Bitcoiners had to say about the topic on Twitter.

Scott Melker hosts the, "Wolf of All Streets" podcast, which discusses all sorts of interesting topics at the intersection of blockchains and business.


Here at the Crypto Christian, we are big fans of Anthony Pompliano, better known as Pomp. Tim Bertram took Pomp's Crypto Course last year, and Patrick Bailey is signed up for the session that starts next week! (There's still time to sign up, use code FRIEND20 and mention "Tim Bertram" or "Patrick Bailey" when you sign up for 20% off the price.) Here's some of Pomp's classic snark on the topic:

Nic Carter is one of the best advocates for the research that shows Bitcoin mining is actually more sustainable than other industries, and Bitcoin mining can also help make electricity generation more sustainable overall by balancing energy demands throughout the day. Give him a follow, and hear what he has to say about New York's new law:

Ultimately, we at the Crypto Christian share the point of view of Adam Back, the inventor of Proof of Work mining that NY State is trying to limit:

All this legislation is going to do is move Bitcoin mining operations away from tyrannical regimes like China and New York to more liberating places like Texas and North Dakota.